Personality, and Style.


I know two post in one day. What is this world coming to? I hope you are not getting tired of me that quick. lol  So I went to the movies and saw Taken 3, and it was amazing. It was my favorite one out of the three. Ok, now that we got that out of the way I will get back to what I was saying. When we were driving home I was flipping through the radio stations like I always do and I found the song, “Paint it black” by Rolling Stones, then the song after that was, “Lightening Crashes” by Live. next thing I knew, ‘Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys was on.

The point is I was having a major freak out because those are some of my favorite songs!! I started thinking when the song ended that I have a wide range of taste in everything from books, to movies, to clothes, to music, and to art. I never really thought about it but I really do like a little mix of everything. Then I started thinking about all of the different stores around and how much they changed. I remember when Hot Topic was not a store that the “cool popular kids” never went into much. It was a place that a little bit more edgy not as popular kids loved. In this generation Hot Topic is the place where people get their Harry Potter, Fault In Our Stars, and Doctor Who stuff.

That store shouldn’t classify you as any kind of person. No one should have to be classified as emo, goth, popular, jock, prep, hippie, or any other term due to the fact they shop at a particular store or dress a particular way!! If that was the case I don’t know what I would be classified as because I dress so many different ways. One day I would so be a girly girl with an extremely fancy outfit, hair done up, and pageant makeup, and another day look like I am one of the guys heading out to a football game. This is what makes me, well, me.

I like a mixture of everything because everything intrigues me. This is like a big sign that flashes saying, “look at this weirdo!” That sign can flash as much as it wants, because that is what makes me happy. I will go on being an old unique soul, because that is how I like it. The point is if you like to dress a particular way, or listen to a particular type of music then go do it!! Never wait to gain permission to be who you want to be, because it is your life that you are living. Don’t let someone else live your life for you.

To Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After. ❤


Making An Effort.


Let me say first, sorry for such a long post 🙂

I decided on New Years I was going to change how I lived my life. I know that is the most shocking thing someone has ever said. Yes I know I am just another number in this world that has said they are going to change something since it is the new year. I have been thinking about it for a while, but I thought I want to see if I will truly make the change not just for a year but more. So I wanted a day that was easy to remember and so Jan. 1st is the best day to start. I have always been shy, and I always will be. I’m one of those people who seem outgoing, but is the total opposite. I am a ball of nerves waiting to explode most days. As I sit here and write this post it is difficult for me to talk about one of my biggest struggles. I don’t like to show I’m weak. I think that needs to change as well.

So as some people read this they might think, “Just get over it. You should not be worried to hang out with your friends.” If you have never suffered from severe anxiety, it is a little difficult to truly overcome quickly. So that is why I am working on it. So as I write this I hope you understand a little bit more about me, starting with the fact I have to REALLY try to socialize, and take chances. I have got better, but at one time I did not really hang out with many people. As college progressed I started to transform into an improved person. I kept my same values, and actually they increased in strength. I did change into a person that tried to slowly overcome her shyness around strangers, and if I must say so myself I am getting pretty good at it when it comes to clinical!! This year I want to socialize more with people.

Everyone thinks I don’t like them since I don’t hang out with them much, but to be honest that is so far from the truth. My nerves make me worry about everything, so socializing is a little tricky. In my head I think what could go wrong, and how I might embarrass myself, and then when I decided to hang out I am a nervous wreck. I know I should not stress that much, but I am working on it.  I love those people, but it takes time for me to overcome somethings. I truly look up to them!. I look up to the people in my class, and others, because they always have fun and they never worry about what others think of them! I feel like they are slowly bringing out the best in me. I joke more, and I am very slowly opening up. If it was not for that class I don’t think I would have changed much from my secluded self.

I still don’t socialize as much as I should, but if they knew how I was before they would be amazed by how much I do socialize with them. This year I am going to try to hang out more with my friends, no matter how bad my anxiety is. I am now trying to reconnect with some of my old high school best friends, because I do need people in my life that mean so much to me!! As long as I try my hardest to reconnect with my old friends then I made an effort, and that is all I want. So everyone who thinks I don’t like them, since I don’t hang out with them, it is the total opposite. I love hanging out with you, but sometimes it is a bad habit to break when you are so used to being so secluded. I’m trying, Promise 🙂

To Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After.



Honesty, what is so hard about it? We live in a world that takes it as a joking manner. I for one, don’t. I feel like a diary is the one place where people bare their whole soul to keep record of their thoughts and feelings that they hold so dearly. So yes, this blog is my diary, and yes it is online, but what makes it much different? Call me stupid if you wish, but I agree with Taylor Swift when she had said that, if you don’t want me to write about you then maybe you should have been nicer. That is my opinion when it comes to this blog. I will never write something to hurt someone’s feelings on purpose. I have never been that person, and I never will be! If you get hurt feelings from something I said then I don’t know why, because it was never meant to hurt you. I write not to hurt, but to heal. I need healing and writing is what heals me. I feel like writing is my escape, and also a friend that is always there. I write with honesty. I never write names, and I will not make a bold reference in any way to point out a person that changed my life. That goes with the not writing to hurt, but to write to heal. So when you read my posts that talk about an event in my life I will never write in great detail, because there is no point. I will write enough for you to get a little picture. Enough detail to help me deal and cope. I thought I would make this statement so you understand what this blog is going to be all about.

To Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After. ❤

Why Hello There :)

Welcome to Ever-Changing. You might be wondering why this blog is called, “Ever-Changing” if not oh well I’m gonna tell you anyway. Yes there was silly sass included in that statement. 😉 I was wondering for awhile what I was going to call this blog, especially since I have a couple different blogs. Yes I know that sounds weird. I will explain later. I finally decided on a blog that reflected my life and it truly is ever-changing! Plus I liked how the word is separated with a dash to represent two different things.

       The first one is the word, “EVER” it represents my hopes and dreams of a happily ever after. I know cheesy, and stereotypical. That’s just how I like it 😉 The second thing is the word, “CHANGING,” my life is changing, but I am changing every single day. I have grown from everything that has happened in my life, and I have found myself along the way. Good now we got that out of the way I guess it’s a good time to tell you about me.

        Woah, woah, lets slow our roll. I guess we better save that for my, “ABOUT ME PAGE.” I think that would be best so I can keep this blog post a little shorter 🙂 This blog is going to be a lot like a diary, and it is my privilege to have you snoop around in it! 😉 Yes I do love smiley faces and winkey faces, but don’t get the wrong idea we are just friends. Ha ha  just kidding. I hope you love reading my blog and you find it refreshing!

To Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After.