Why Hello There :)

Welcome to Ever-Changing. You might be wondering why this blog is called, “Ever-Changing” if not oh well I’m gonna tell you anyway. Yes there was silly sass included in that statement. 😉 I was wondering for awhile what I was going to call this blog, especially since I have a couple different blogs. Yes I know that sounds weird. I will explain later. I finally decided on a blog that reflected my life and it truly is ever-changing! Plus I liked how the word is separated with a dash to represent two different things.

       The first one is the word, “EVER” it represents my hopes and dreams of a happily ever after. I know cheesy, and stereotypical. That’s just how I like it 😉 The second thing is the word, “CHANGING,” my life is changing, but I am changing every single day. I have grown from everything that has happened in my life, and I have found myself along the way. Good now we got that out of the way I guess it’s a good time to tell you about me.

        Woah, woah, lets slow our roll. I guess we better save that for my, “ABOUT ME PAGE.” I think that would be best so I can keep this blog post a little shorter 🙂 This blog is going to be a lot like a diary, and it is my privilege to have you snoop around in it! 😉 Yes I do love smiley faces and winkey faces, but don’t get the wrong idea we are just friends. Ha ha  just kidding. I hope you love reading my blog and you find it refreshing!

To Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After.


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