Honesty, what is so hard about it? We live in a world that takes it as a joking manner. I for one, don’t. I feel like a diary is the one place where people bare their whole soul to keep record of their thoughts and feelings that they hold so dearly. So yes, this blog is my diary, and yes it is online, but what makes it much different? Call me stupid if you wish, but I agree with Taylor Swift when she had said that, if you don’t want me to write about you then maybe you should have been nicer. That is my opinion when it comes to this blog. I will never write something to hurt someone’s feelings on purpose. I have never been that person, and I never will be! If you get hurt feelings from something I said then I don’t know why, because it was never meant to hurt you. I write not to hurt, but to heal. I need healing and writing is what heals me. I feel like writing is my escape, and also a friend that is always there. I write with honesty. I never write names, and I will not make a bold reference in any way to point out a person that changed my life. That goes with the not writing to hurt, but to write to heal. So when you read my posts that talk about an event in my life I will never write in great detail, because there is no point. I will write enough for you to get a little picture. Enough detail to help me deal and cope. I thought I would make this statement so you understand what this blog is going to be all about.

To Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After. ❤


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