About Me

Why hello there.  I guess you came here to find out a little about me.  Either that is a little creepy or sweet.  I’m kidding.  🙂 So here is a little about me. I will soon be a Respiratory Therapist.  So if anyone takes your breath away I can help you with that 😉 lol I love to joke and make people laugh so this blog with have a bunch of my goofy humor. I’m also a very creative person so when I’m not reading, drawing, or singing I’m writing. I am currently writing two books as well. I guess you could say I am a writer by heart especially since I’m writing 2 books,  and I have 4 blogs. I know I sound like a crazy person!!  I love to help people as well and I created a blog for that too. It is called “You’re not alone.” That blog is dedicated to help people who feel like there’s no one who cares about them, and they are thinking about committing suicide. I  knew a few people who have committed suicide, so I wanted a place where people can anonymously send me a message and talk to me about what upsets them!! It is a blog that has inspirational posts that looks at everyday struggles from a positive aspect. I also have another blog that has tons of random post, but doesn’t have a general theme. This blog is my diary that you get to read. It takes a lot of courage for me to post what happens in my life online so don’t be too harsh. lol So that is a little about me. Come join me on this crazy ride that is my life. If you want to find out more about my blog dedicated to helping people with their problems it is:



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