Changed for the better.

First I want to start off saying this is going to be a religious post and if you get offended by it I’m sorry. I have said time after time that this blog was going to be my diary so it will include religious type posts from time to time. I have been wanting to blog for a while but I did not have any inspiration because nothing has really happened for a while. Yes that means I live a pretty boring life. lol jk (ok, maybe I’m not really kidding.) Well yesterday (Sunday) there was something that really changed my life. I have always been someone who thought she was very religious. I guess that was true to some existent. I have grown more and more with my faith as time has passed. Some of my family is very faithful and some not as much.

My Uncle Doodle believed in God, but never really went to church, and did not pick up the bible much. Something recently changed his life forever!! My Aunt Judy (Uncle Doodle’s wife) went to a church and Uncle Doodle never went with her. One day he decided to go once. That was the day everything changed. The church last 2 hrs each Sunday because they don’t have night services, and Uncle Doodle was shocked how much he liked the church, and how fast the time went by. He decided after going a few times that he was going to go to the altar to be saved, because he knew that  what he was meant to do at that time.

So the next week he was supposed to be baptized. So yesterday he was baptized, so I went to the church to watch, and I fell in love with the church too!! I have wanted to be part of a church, but I never found one that felt like the right fit. This church was the right fit. During church the messages felt like they were for me, and I knew I needed to stop putting boundaries on going to church. I was bad about saying I was too busy to, and yes I was really busy, but I could easily take 2 hours out of my time for church. I guess you could say inside I was scared, and was not as much of a follower of God like I thought I was!! So that day in church I knew it was my time so I went up and was saved.

          I am going to be baptized next Sunday!! The preacher came up to me afterward to talk about where I wanted to serve in the church and without thinking I said, “I like to sing,” I know that might sound normal, but I am terrified of singing in front of people!! I have been trying to over come that fear, and I guess God was telling me that is what I need to do. I have learned that when it is time to truly follow God you will know!! God is waiting for you to be ready, and open your heart. If you are waiting till you stop making mistakes that day will never come when you follow him. With God’s help you can live the life you truly deserve!!

To Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After. ❤